Smart Smiles Program

In-Office Care Plan

Riverwalk Dental Arts has created the Smart Smiles Program to help provide the best dental care for each individual patient’s desires and needs by providing affordable access to quality dental care.

Our Smart Smiles Care Program is a membership program with benefits. The Smart Smiles Program pays 100% of your preventive care with zero copays. There are great benefits for every service we provide, and, more importantly, it will ensure that you keep the schedule of preventive visits prescribed to best maintain your health.

With the continuing changes in dental insurance options, affordable dental care may be burdened by high deductibles and low coverage while limiting your choices in providers. The Smart Smiles Program focuses on prevention, encouraging routine professional care and conservatively addressing issues before they become bigger, more costly problems.

Our goal is to partner with you in your dental care routine, and to make access to routine care more affordable. A consistent dental care routine will keep your smile healthy, and, after all, a healthy, beautiful smile is one of your best assets!

Membership Benefits

What's Included

  • Buy one dental product, get one ½ off
  • 15% off Glo whitening (in-office treatments)
  • $50 off one splint adjustment
  • One complimentary emergency exam per year
  • Dental warranty of treatment provided for 2 years following treatment*
    (assuming recommended cleaning schedule is kept within 2 weeks of due date; see Conditions)
  • Refer a friend and both get $50 credit in your Dental Savings Account – Refer 3 people in a calendar year and receive a free dental cleaning
  • Drawings throughout the year with great prizes for our members


How Do I Qualify?

  • You must be a patient of record of Riverwalk Dental Arts (that means you have had a Comprehensive Exam with a full set of X Rays in our practice)
  • You agree to partner with us to build the savings
    • Keep your appointments with us on time and as scheduled
    • Keep your account balance at zero by paying prior to your appointment, or at the time of service.

How Does it Work?

  • Membership amounts are paid up front to build your Dental Savings Account so that, by the time of your appointments with us, your account will have enough credit to cover the costs. The membership payments go into YOUR Dental Savings Account in our office and will continue to build with each monthly payment.
    THIS IS YOUR SAVINGS ACCOUNT – if it isn’t used, it will remain in your account. It is also yours to withdraw at any time, for any reason.
  • Plans are designed and tailored specifically to your dental needs.
  • Bright Smile Plans include: 2-6 happy mouth cleaning visits and 2 Doctor exams per year, plus all necessary xrays
  • Healthy Smile Plans include: 3-4 healthy mouth maintenance visits and 2 Doctor exams per year, plus all necessary xrays
  • Both plans include 10% savings for all other basic and major dental needs such as fillings or crowns, as well as any other restorative needs or cosmetic desires
  • No annual maximums or deductibles on benefits


  • All membership benefits described apply only to services provided directly by Riverwalk Dental Arts
  • *Dental warranty is valid only when prescribed hygiene visits are maintained within 2 weeks of due date
  • Monthly payments will be auto-drafted from saved payment method on file
  • Benefits and discounts may not be combined with other offers or discounts

Failure to make monthly payment: If you fail to make your agreed monthly payments for your membership, your membership will be terminated immediately and you will be billed for services you’ve received at regular fees minus any existing membership balance on account.

What’s the Catch?

There is no catch and no hidden costs.

This plan exhibits the fact that those who meet the conditions of the Smart Smiles Program actually cost us less to serve. This is a way for us to pass those reduced costs back to you with added benefits to thank you for your loyalty to our practice.